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Supplement your grocery budget with Vodabucks from Vodacom. Shop a range of our bundles available on the My Vodacom app.

How it works?

  1. ADD bundle(s) to Cart.
  2. INCREASE quantity of each item if you purchased 2 or more of the same bundle or just CLICK Add to Cart multiple times.
  3. You can MODIFY/SUBSTITUTE products within the bundle once they are in your cart. NB: Should the changes exceed the value of your voucher code(s), you’ll be required to pay the difference at Checkout.
  4. Proceed to CHECKOUT to add delivery details. (Login or Sign Up is required)
  5. Enter your voucher code from Vodacom in the promo code field. Apply codes one by one if you have more than one. 
  6. Complete Checkout.

Shout if you need help.



Product type
Save R 3976
Budget Lite Bundle
R 34907 R 38883
Save R 2540
Home Care Bundle
R 34909 R 37449
Save R 3021
Save R 2704
Breakfast Bundle
R 37688 R 40392