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About Us

Everything you need to know about us...
We make life convenient and affordable by bringing your favourite
brands to your door step at low prices.
We believe convenience shouldn't be a luxury. No one else should
define what is convenient for you other than you. What we started as
a small personal shopper service in 2015, to solve a problem for
ourselves and those around us with similar struggles, has evolved
into a full online only grocery retailer to deliver the savings we
couldn't before as just a personal shopper platform.
From The Brand To Your Door
Save up to 25% on your favourite household and essentials brands
delivered to your door within 1 to 3 days depending on where you live
within South Africa. We've partnered with some of your favourite
brands to bring you great savings on all your household products and
selected grocery products. Select from a wide range of bundles or
customise your own bundle and enjoy great savings of up to 25%
More than just groceries
Where technology ends, the human touch begins. In making your life
more convenient and affordable, we have commited ourselves to help
with the unemployment crisis facing this country. We are empowering
our Butlers who ensure that your orders are delivered correct and on
time, by giving them access to delivery vehicles and mobile devices
that allow them to contract for other delivery platforms. This helps
increase their monthly earnings while they grow as entrepreneurs and
key players in the logistics space.